About Unirom Electronics

Unirom Electronics Ltd is Israel's leading company specializing in Power Electronics high power UPS systems, Power converters, Dc systems, Data Center- Large computer room equipment includes air conditioning PDU cabinets for servers.

Unirom has also has renewable energies activity based on mainly photoelectric solar systems.

Unirom Electronics provide solutions for backup power systems (UPS) for Data Centers and other IT Critical equipment starting from small power systems, rated 0.5 KVA up to 4.4 MVA.

UNIROM  installed base in Israel amount to thousands of systems providing secure power to the most mission-critical applications in the country: Largest data centers, Banks, Telecom service providers, Mobile  telephone centers , Cable TV centers Internet providers , Government ministries, the Defense Department, the Armed Forces, Hospitals, research centers, continues-process manufacturing plants, Hi-Tech R&D centers and many more.

Unirom Electronics is the only authorized distributor for EATON ups products in Israel. Unirom supply Eaton's Ups systems to the largest data center in the country among them we can count:

MED-1 with 16 X900 KVA and 5 X 550 KVA, Global data centers with 18 1200 Kw ups and 4 900 KW, Mobileye in Jr – with 2 X 1500 Kw and 4 X 1200, Bank Leumi with 8 X 550 KVA and many other units, Bank Hapoalim 4 X 825 KVA + 3 X 550 KVA, FIBI  5 X 1670 KVA, Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot 6 X550 KVA 4 X275 KVA, Global Data 4 X 550 KVA, Amdocs with 6 X550 KVA.

Intel Development Center in Haifa with 25 600 Kw ups + 9 that we install recently, Bezeqint 2 X 1100 KVA, Army IAF and Navy several hundred large-power systems.

At this moment, we are about to finish the installation of a 10MW site with Rotative Diesel back up DUPS systems made by Piller connected in a single method called IP-BUS.

In addition to these large computing centers, Unirom provided thousands of systems for all sectors of the Israeli market: Intel, Applied materials, Nice Bezeq, Hot, SAP, KLA, Zoran, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and many other critical sites.

To support this extensive installed base, Unirom maintains a strong, well trained highly professional team of engineers and technicians with many years of experience in UPS system, and high-Power Electronics providing quick response service on a 24/7 basis.

Since its foundation in 1996, Unirom has been authorized distributor in Israel for Eaton Inc. a world leader and technology innovator in UPS, Unirom developed a unique backup solution with Eaton ups that works in semiconductors Fabs using super capacitors instead of standard lead acid batteries.

In addition to the Israeli market, Unirom is also active in the markets of East Asia and Japan together with Business Partners, Unirom sell and maintains Eaton's UPS in place which batteries are replaced by Ultra Capacitors.

Unirom has also a sister company – Unirom USA which operates in the United States closely and in partnership with EATON.

For large data centers we can offer IT cabinets from Eaton, InRow units and crack’s from Data Aire bus bars Pdu and related software for control.

The company has a unique ability to design, supply and install systems for generating electricity from solar energy, including vertical walls, and including battery storage systems.

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